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Towards an international alliance

We are proud to announce that KingsTalent is one of the founding partners of the ‘International Alliance’. A cooperation of leading European college recruitment agencies. 


An increasing number of talented Dutch student-athletes choose the combination of study and sports in the US, and that’s great! The possibilities to compete at the highest level in combination with higher education studies in an inspiring, challenging environment make sports and study in the US a real ‘life changing experience’.

People often ask me about what a typical day at the office looks like and are amazed by the regulations and complexity of the process of helping student-athletes realize their ‘transfer’ to an American university. Regulations concerning ‘academic acceptance’, regulations in the area of athletic eligibility and of course government regulations concerning student visa are all extensive and complex. Expertise on these regulations is essential in our line of work.
KingsTalent is known for its honest, transparant and personal approach, expertise concerning regulations and an excellent guidance during every aspect of the ‘transfer’ and this is something to be proud of!

From June 18th until June 20th 2018 we travelled to Madrid, Spain for a conference with 6 other leading European college recruitment agencies:

College Scholarships USA: UK, Scandinavia
AGM: Spain
Sport Scholarships: Germany
FFFusa: France
College Life Italia: Italy
Next Level Sports: Portugal
KingsTalent: The Netherlands

The goal of the conference was the sharing of information, cooperation in regards to the regulations we all have to deal with, and the creation of an international organization of Europe’s leading college recruitment agencies:




The objectives of the alliance are:

  • Code of ethics: Honesty and openness towards ‘talents’ and parents in regard to possibilities, chances, expectations and costs of the route to college in the US is demanded for every participating organization.
  • Cooperation and exchange of information in regard to regulations.
  • Compliance with NCAA/NJCAA and NAIA regulations and to keep in close contact with these organizations, as an Alliance, especially in an advising role towards these organisations and towards academic institutions in the US.
  • Increasing possibilities for talented student-atehletes by using each others network and expertise.

We, as KingsTalent, are proud to be a member of this Alliance. As cooperation we can operate stronger together and increase our influence towards regulations while also making use of each others network and expertise.

All these things serve one single goal: to continue improving the services for our organization where the ‘talent’ is always number one!

Author: Ha
n de Koning, KingsTalent





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