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Volleyball and education in the United States

America and sports are impossible to separate from each other. Game day in the United States is much more of a day out, preferably with the entire family. It is one of the reasons why experiencing sports in the United States is so completely different. Especially with volleyball this is the case, which is broadcasted on regional and national TV. Thousands of fans and students watch games, go crazy and create an amazing atmosphere to play in. Heart rates and energy levels go through the roof!

This is the best adventure of my life. An experience who I will cherish for the rest of my life!

- Britt Klein Lankhorst, Florida State College

As a student-athlete you are absorbed in the sporting environment on a daily basis. You practice, travel and play games on an elite level. And in between all these sessions and games, you have access to the best facilities and specialists that make sure you maintain and improve your condition levels.

Besides the busy sports schedule, your study is demanding as well. As a student-athlete you will need great discipline for starters. Together with your academic advisors and coaches you will be developing your own schedule, which allows you to perform on the field and in the classroom.

Sfeer volleybal wedstrijd college

Are you ready to play volleybal and study in the USA?

The structure of college volleyball

The United States is completely different when it comes to experiencing sports. So is the structure of volleyball. In the United States, you do not play for a club but for a college or university. Your team consists of roughly 20 players that you will be with for the best part of the day. As a team, you will be playing against other universities in your conference. The ultimate goal? To win the conference and play in the national championship, taking on the best teams across the United States.

prijzen winnen met vollebal in Amerika

Personal growth on an international stage

The United States is very welcoming towards fresh volleyball talent. Over 1.800 universities in the United States offer scholarships towards talented players looking to combine their studies with volleyball. College volleyball is the perfect way to become a better player, both physically as well as mentally. You will build a network of international friends and maximize your capabilities. In addition, you will obtain an accredited degree and put the foundations in place for a successful career. For many athletes, college volleyball is also the predecessor of their professional careers.

vrienden voor het leven met volleybal

Facts and figures

50 Kills in one game Jordan Thompson, University of Cincinnati
204 cm tallest player Dana Rettke, University of Wisconsin
18516 Fans record Nebraska University - University of Florida
7 National Titles Penn State University
volleybal rally stadion

The right match with the university, because each talent is different

Your ambitions might differ from your teammates. Perhaps your ceiling is higher than those around you, while others are already satisfied with living the American way of life. Whatever your reason to go to the United States may be, we will make sure to find the right match, that fits your athletic and academic background.

Close contact with your parents

To find the right match we look at your ambitions and capabilities, as well as what college coaches in the United States are searching for. On a daily basis we are in touch with coaches who are looking to add exciting talent to their roster. We rate universities based on their academic and athletic performance. During this complex process we are close to the action to make sure the right choices are made. Naturally, we will also be in close contact with you and your parents. Due to this diligent and concerned approach KingsTalent has built a strong reputation in the United States, which has led to us receiving more requests from coaches than we could ever live up to!

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KingsTalent guides you!

Have you made your choice? Then we will follow you closely in the USA. Not literally, of course, but we keep in close contact together and do not want to miss anything of your sporting achievements. In fact, if you want, we will report extensively on your adventures. The contacts with your home front also remain strong. Within a few days you will know whether you qualify for your life-changing experience.

See you soon!
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