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Showcases & events

Show your talent during our showcase

There is no better stage to show what you can do than during our showcases, for which many American college coaches travel to the Netherlands for to see you in action. Impress them and a scholarship will be waiting for you.

Besides the ultimate goal to impress the present coaches, showcases are also fun events where you can meet other people and learn interesting things about college sports. You will meet other players, exchange views and experiences and listen to presentations from current student-athletes. During the Q&A you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions to the college coaches. At the end of this intensive day, the coaches notify the athletes that they would like to meet and discuss the opportunity of joining their athletic program.


Our showcases are visited very strongly by coaches and scouts. Over the past couple of years, over 200 coaches have stepped on a plane and flown to the Netherlands to watch our athletes live. From San Diego to New York and from Miami to Oregon. Will you be playing in our next showcase? Get your information now by clicking on the following link.

Currently, we host showcases for men’s and women’s soccer and women’s field hockey. Check the dates below!

VV Gemert, 21 juni Try-Out Women’s Soccer
HC Den Bosch - 4 december 2024 Field Hockey Showcase HC Den Bosch
VV Gemert - 11 en 12 December 2023 Showcase Men’s Soccer
VV Gemert - 13 december Showcase Women’s Soccer
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