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Why combine sports and studying in the USA?

Being a King
Is about being generous.
To yourself,
to your team
and especially to your ambitions

As a student-athlete you are a king, a privileged individual!

Sfeer volleybal wedstrijd college

Count your blessings

Earn a scholarship

Results count. Both athletically as well as academically. That is why American colleges love to invest in talented individuals like yourself. A scholarship can cover your costs significantly or even completely. The average annual costs of being a student-athlete in the United States are roughly $50.000. Colleges are not afraid to cover that for you, if you can improve the level of the college. Talk about a win-win situation.

Sportbeurs tekenen

Live life like a professional athlete

On a daily basis, you are performing against the best peers in the United States. You only get better by doing so. All eyes are on you and your performances, both on the field and in the classroom. As a student-athlete, you get access to the best facilities, you receive incredibly guidance and get to perform in atmospheres that some professional clubs in the Netherlands can only dream of. Additionally, your education is scheduled around your athletic schedule, allowing you to perform both as an athlete and student.

Personal development

A team makes you stronger. That is why you live, eat, practice and study with your teammates and other athletes on campus. You become independent, all while growing up in an elite sports minded climate. Want to bet you will forge friendships that last for a lifetime? It will change your life completely.

vrienden voor het leven met volleybal

Get your diploma

You will always remember your time in the United States. The experience is invaluable, as is your accredited international degree. With this degree you enhance your work opportunities significantly.

diploma halen in Amerika

Master the English language

English is the language of business. While being a student-athlete in the United States, you will notice your level improves significantly effortlessly. Before you know it, you are fluent in English, a treat that will last a lifetime.

College Tennis in Amerika

Career opportunities

Big companies do not settle for anything but the best. Special people. And with your experience as a student-athlete, you are one of the first they look for. Thanks to your degree and work experience, but more importantly thanks to your experience in life. With your unique background, stories and personal development, there is no recruiter you cannot impress, all while your competitors do not stand a chance.

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