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Kings Of Talent

It is all about the team. For you as a student-athlete, but also for us as KingsTalent. Because just like any team, we perform best when we combine our individual strengths to create a strong team spirit. We work together with one goal in mind, which is to offer you a life changing experience by combing sports and education in the sports crazy United States.

This ambition comes from our co-founderโ€™s personal experience Paul de Koning. In 2012, he moved to New York City to become a student-athlete at Long Island University. Here, he was captain of the menโ€™s soccer program, playing in the NCAA Division 1 North East Conference. During his time in the United States, Paul received an Honor Roll for his academic performances in the Master of Business Administration program. We want our athletes to have the same experience as he did. Every single day we work tirelessly with our team to make that happen. Talking about our team, meet them below!


Paul de Koning

  • CEO KingsTalent
  • Co-founder
  • Long Island University, Brooklyn NY Alum

The American dream. I had been thinking about it for a very long time and I always knew I wanted to study and play in the United States. I wanted to continue my development under great coaches with amazing facilities. But above all, I wanted to experience the sports crazy country that is America. The ability to combine elite level sports with a clear and good study program was for me decisive in my decision to go for it.

The United States has given me so much. I have completed an amazing education, which will benefit me for the rest of my life. Even more so that counts for the friendships that I have made, which will last a lifetime. A personal connection grows in the United States really fast, because you are together 24/7 with your teammates. You play, live and travel to away games together. So within a short space of time, you will create strong friendships with your teammates. Together we experienced some amazing training camps, while we could call New York our home. I had to pinch myself occasionally just to make sure I was actually living the life I was.

Although my life changing experience is already some time ago, it will always remains part of my life. In a professional way of course with KingsTalent, but also privately. I have been the best man at the wedding of my former Finish teammate in Mexico City and was also there when our Iranian midfielder got married. So even today the world is at my feet. And thanks to the current communication tools we have it only becomes easier to stay in touch. It is truly an enrichment to continue to talk to the people you have experienced so much with on a daily basis.

My experience is a textbook example of a life changing experience. I am very proud that I can work with KingsTalent on the American dream of many talented athletes. It is very enjoyable to guide them and their parents in a very important phase in their lives. Every person has a different background and unique ambitions. It gives me a lot of energy to see them perform at the other side of the world. One might become pro, another gets his or her dream job and yet another may end up meeting their soulmate. I am incredibly grateful that I can contribute to these life stories of our highly motivated athletes. That for me is also an invaluable experience.

I only have one message to anyone who has doubts about studying and playing in the United States: dare to dream.ย 


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