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Good to know & FAQ

You probably have a number of questions right. What can I expect in the United States? How are the facilities, the level or what academic requirements do I need to meet to become a student-athlete? Do not worry, we have got the answers you are looking for. Are you excited yet?

Unique combination

Impossible to combine elite sports with education? No way. Although it is very challenging in the Netherlands, the United States is the place where you can get the best out of both. Because you can.

Welcome in the spotlight

As a student-athlete you represent the school. Your fellow students look up to you and your games are broadcasted on (national) TV. Can you picture it already?

Elite facilities

There are no better facilities than in the United States. You have access to excellent facilities both during games and practice. The professionals around you are second to none as well. From coaches, nutritionists and physiotherapists to sports psychologists and study advisors.

Finding your level

There are thousands of colleges and universities in the United States. This means, whatever your level, the right fit based on your educational background, preferred study and athletic level can always be found. How are we going to find that match? Just let us do our thing. Together with you, we will discuss your possibilities.


College sports is where student-athletes create the foundation for their professional careers. The entire system is designed to produce athletes for the professional leagues. So you do have the level to become a pro? Bring it on!


In the United States, you will be around your teammates 24/7. You end up creating friendships for life, meet soulmates and learn from different cultures. Your personal growth in such a short time is immense, all while building an incredible strong network for a great career.


Companies nowadays are looking for special people. For unique personalities who are difference makers and refuse to take the easy way. With your international experience and resume you will always be one step ahead of your competition.

English language

English is the language of the modern society. And you will be a pro in English after you have been a student-athlete in the United States.


As a student-athlete you will travel across the United States. Not only during the season, but also during winter break, spring break and the summer holiday. So there is plenty of time to discover the promised land.

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