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“This is a chance you only get once a lifetime” – Mika Lankhof

“This is a chance you only get once a lifetime” – Mika Lankhof

A few weeks ago, Mika Lankhof got on a plane to Montana. Here has he started a new study at the University of Providence, Great Falls. Mika is a player of the soccer team and represents the university. KingsTalent has spoken to the attacking midfielder about his new adventure. You can read the interview down below.


To which university are you going? And what was the final reason to choose for this one?

I will go to The University of Providence in Great falls, Montana. Right from the first moment I had spoken with the coach my feelings were positive, after some more conversations this feeling increased. The coach was very enthusiastic about the university and the soccer program which made me more interested. Luckily, the trainer had a good feeling about me too so I got an email with a scholarship which was too good to be true and of course I couldn’t say no. The choice was easily made.


Where do you look forward to the most?

I’ve got to say playing soccer and the way studies and sports will be combined. Here in The Netherlands that’s not usual at all, only in the youth of the highest soccer clubs. I’ll experience this myself now, which is really cool. The many training hours, the matches and the travels are all things I really look forward to.


Why did you choose for this adventure?

I’ve always been occupied with sports. So, when I looked for a follow-up study, I thought it would be nice if sports were a big factor. I had already seen how they combine sports and studies in America, because I’ve watched the series ‘Last Chance U’ at Netflix. In this series you can really see how seriously sports is taken in America. It seemed cool to experience that myself. KingsTalent came my way and I taught; I must give this a chance. I didn’t have any high expectations, so when I got the chance to go to America, I had no doubt in my mind. An opportunity like this you only get once so you must grab it with both hands.


How did your environment react to your upcoming adventure in America?

Everyone was very excited and some of them were a bit shocked. At the beginning, I kept it kind of quiet, because I didn’t know if it would work out. Just when I told the coach yes, I told my friends and family. There are plenty of people who tell me there are jealous, that makes me realize I’m extremely lucky I get to experience this adventure.


Who or what are you going to miss the most from The Netherlands?

The people around me. It will be a big adjustment to miss my parents for months and suddenly not seeing my friends anymore. Luckily there’s FaceTime, so I can keep in touch with home. To be honest, I don’t think I’m going to miss anything else about The Netherlands. The weather will be great in the summers and in the winter, it will be cold, which gives me the opportunity to go snowboarding.


What do you think will be the hardest part when you are in America?

I think missing my family and friends will be toughest. I still don’t realize I soon will be alone in a plane going to America. When that realization struck, it’s going to be tough but eventually I will get used to everything.


What are your expectations for the sports experience in America?

In America they take sports very seriously, so I think it will be really cool. I will need to adjust to the amount of training, the matches, and the travelling. But I very much look forward to it. It is the main reason I want to go to America.


What do you want to accomplish at sportive level?

Firstly, I want to earn a starting place in the team. We have a quite big selection of 28 players, so that will be a challenge. Further, I hope to win as many matches as possible and become an important player for the team and experience lots of beautiful and sportive moments.


Which places you want to discover in America?

First, I want to get to know the city and environment around where I’m going to study. Hopefully I will feel at peace quickly. For me it seems awesome to make a tour through America, west or east coast, doesn’t matter to me.

If I must believe my trainer and pictures, Montana should be a very beautiful state with magnificent nature, so I guess I will be seeing a lot of pretty things there.


Are you ready for your American Dream?

Yes, for sure! The suitcases are already packed so it’s getting closer every minute. Everything is taken care of, what a great feeling. For now, I am going to enjoy my last days in The Netherlands and then on to the adventure in America.


I would like to thank KingsTalent once again for the awesome guidance and making the unforgettable time I’m going to experience possible!

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