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Merel Dupont from MHC MEP to American University

It’s official. Merel Dupont is transferring from MCH MEP to American University. She has signed the contract a little while ago, but now she has graduated with a VWO Diploma, she is all set and ready to join the Eagles this summer.

American University is located in Washington D.C., and American University is one of the top universities in the country. The opportunity to play field hockey at the highest level, and to continue her academic career at a top university made her decide to accept the offer from American University. American University is located only 4 miles away from the White House. Merel is going to live on a beautiful campus with close to 14,000 other students.

Head coach Steve Jennings, who has player numerous years in the Netherlands himself, was actively looking for a defender/midfielder to join his team. Merel has showed to be a very strong asset at MHC Mep in the past years so it wasn’t a surprise that Steve became very interested in her.

Merel will face Simone Hefting’s Lafayette in the regular season in the Patriot League. We are very much looking forward to watching this clash between the KingsTalent’s!

We are wishing Merel the best in her athletic and academic career and can’t wait until the season takes off!

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