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Jesse Hoekstra transfers from ONS Sneek to Fresno Pacific

Jesse Hoekstra transfers from the north of The Netherlands (Lemmer) to sunny California. The striker joins Fresno Pacific University to start his undergraduate study program and compete in the men’s soccer team. The university is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles. With away games against Hawaii, San Diego and San Francisco. Wow! 


Jesse started playing soccer at his local soccer club CVVO. Later he transferred to ONS Sneek to play in the ONS Sneek youth soccer academy. He decided to try to compete at an even higher level at Flevo Boys. At this time Jesse developed an interest in studying and playing soccer in the USA. He decided to focus on his academics (graduating VWO high school) in 2017-2018 and returned to his old club ONS Sneek. With success! Jesse earned his transfer to Fresno Pacific. After graduating his VWO high school education the transfer was finalized and the contract was signed.



Fresno Pacific competes in College Sports at NCAA Division 2 level. The school plays in the Pac West Conference against schools from all over California and even Hawaii. Jesse can prepare for games in Los Angeles and San Francisco. An amazing adventure!



At Fresno Pacific University Jesse starts his undergraduate Business Administration (Management) education. This study came closest to his desired studies in The Netherlands (econometrics). Both programs contain a large number of mathematics and economics courses and can lead to appealing jobs in a corporate environment, later on. And what better than combining this study program with his biggest passion. Playing soccer!



The beautiful California is Jesses new home, who leaves Lemmer behind to follow his ‘American dream’. Just a few more days in The Netherlands and Jesse will fly to the US. His new team mates come from all over the world, among others from Brasil, Colombia, Australia, Mexico and the United States.


We wish Jesse a lot of success and of course a lot of fun on his new adventure. Of course we will track his successes and his adventures in the US. Do you want to keep up with Jesse? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and stay informed!


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