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Young Harris College signs promising freshman Britt Verstegen

Britt Verstegen starts her college career Summer 2018 in the mountains of Northern Georgia. The 17-year old soccer player will soon be a part of Young Harris College. Next to her major in Biology the freshman will be part of the YHC women’s soccer team, competing in the NCAA.

At young age the talent was apparent in Britt. Until the U13 youth category she played in the boys youth soccer teams, winning multiple championships. After her period in the boys youth soccer teams Britt transferred to VV Bennekom. With her team she plays in the single highest girls soccer league. Because of her achievements she earned a spot in the Utrecht Women Soccer Academy. With the UVVA she competes against high ranked boys soccer teams and the Borussia Mönchengladbach U16 girls soccer team. 

Because she is a real allround player she is the dream target of every coach. She can play in both defensive and midfield positions. At KingsTalent no one has any doubts that Britt will be able to hold a starting position at Young Harris College women’s soccer team. The team Britt is joining had kind of an unstable 2017 season with 9 wins and six losses and is hoping to convert the losses into wins with the transfer of their new Dutch asset.  

KingsTalent wishes Britt a lot of success in her adventure in the US! We will share her highlights and adventure through our website and social media.
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