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Yesin van der Pluijm set to become second Dutchman at Young Harris College

Excelsior Rotterdam will have to deal with the departure of two very talented players this summer. Just recently we revealed that Joost Mangert will play for Simon Fraser University next season and now it’s his teammates turn Yesin to announce his transfer. The midfield player of the ‘Kralingers’ has signed a deal at Young Harris College, where he will represent the Dutch flag with compatriot Britt Verstegen.

It didn’t take long for Yesin to find himself playing for a professional soccer club. At 7-years-old he gets scouted by Feyenoord Rotterdam. After a short trial he joins possibly the best Dutch youth academy. For sure, the teams that Yesin played in were incredibly succesfull. In every side that he played in with Feyenoord before he joined Excelsior at the age of seventeen he won the league. Yesin’s role in these teams was that big that he was picked for the U16-side of the Dutch national side. Straight after swapping Feyenoord for Exelsior, Feyenoord’s little brother, Yesin claims a starting spot in the U19 side. In fact, he becomes their captain in his first season. Since Yesin is so highly rated at Excelsior they invite him to play for the U23-side, where he plays games alongside first team players.

At Young Harris Yesin joins a side which had a very strong campaign last year, winning fourteen of their twenty games, losing just four. Two times Head Coach Mark McKeever’s side were held to a draw. No surprise the Mountain Lions did very well in the Peach Belt Conference. With five victories they finished second behind champions Lander University, which meant they got to participate in the nationals. After three very strong games against Lenior-Rhyne, Limestone and Lander, they bowed out in the quarter finale against Lynn University.

With the arrival of Yesin Young Harris have signed an incredibly talented player which can add to another successful season next year, in which Young Harris might even make it into the final of the nationals. KingsTalent is convinced Yesin will be a huge hit at Young Harris and would like to wish him good luck!

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