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Placement Success Stories

Steyn van Ark from PEC Zwolle to The States!

After 9 seasons at PEC Zwolle Steyn van Ark is leaving ‘his’ club. The PEC Zwolle U23 defensive midfielder transfers to National Champion University of Charleston. Here, Steyn continues his education and pursues the schools goal for a back to back National Championship. 



20-year old Steyn started his soccer career at his local club WVF. Soon after (U11) he was scouted by PEC Zwolle. Without much trouble he continued his way through the youth academy, winning multiple promotions and championships in the process. In the U19 team he was named captain of his team before continuing to play in the U23 senior PEC Zwolle team. During pre-season of the 2017-2018 season Steyn made his first unofficial appearance in the first team.



Summer 2018 the midfielder makes the transfer to University of Charleston, the 2017 US National Champion! For the hardworking midfielder, this is a real challenge. In 2016, the team of head coach Dan Stratford also managed to reach the final for the National Championship, eventually falling just short of the title.



The head coach of ‘the Golden Eagles’ is well-known by KingsTalent. Winter 2018 he was present at the KingsTalent yearly showcase where he gave a presentation to the talents. Later in 2018 he flew over to The Netherlands again to see Steyn play. The coach is seen als the crown prince among the American college soccer coaches, winning the National Championship in his first year as head coach.


Steyn will make his long awaited transfer in Summer 2018. With Steyn in the squad all eyes will be on the Golden Eagles again in the 2018 season. Of course we will follow him closely. Do you want to learn of Steyns adventures and successes? Follow us on social media and keep informed!

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