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Soccer Showcase 2017 big success!

On January 7th the day had finally come! The second edition of the KingsTalent Soccer Showcase in Gemert. For the organization the day started already at 05:30h. Snow, frozen rain and code orange for dangerous weather conditions! Quickly the crisis council with VV Gemert groundsmen was operational to find out if it would be possible to kick off.




The definite ‘GO’ was given en the great clean up of the field started, with the help of a lot of volunteers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the volunteers and groundsmen for their efforts and their dedication this day. Without you this day wouldn’t have been the succes it turned out to be! Thank you very much!


We are also really impressed with all of ‘our’ talents who managed to come to Gemert from all corners of the country despite the bad weather. It takes dedication and commitment to take the long drive to Sportpark Molenbroek over the slippery roads. The fact that (nearly) everyone was able to attend is a compliment to everyone, talents and family. Compliments for everyone!




The program was about to start. All coaches were already present a few days prior to the event. Some 20 coaches, for the most part Division I coaches, from among others San Diego, New York, San Antonio, Philadelphia and Chicago, saw a day full of high level soccer. In the morning there were practice sessions scheduled. During lunch break KingsTalent alumni players Olav Sieljes (Northeastern Junior College) and Dion Viola (Olivet Nazarene University) presented to the attending talents about their adventures and experiences on the other side of the Atlantic.




After lunch break the matches were scheduled. Coaches, family, friends, acquaintances and other spectators. The American coaches were very enthousiast about the level of soccer. This was emphasized by the many interviews of many different talents with US coaches in the evening ‘meeting-sessions’.


We can look back on a very successful Showcase day. Despite the weather conditions all the talents were able to exhibit their talent to the enthousiast American college coaches. It is amazing that everyone was committed to chasing their dream, even with code orange for dangerous weather conditions.


Together with all the volunteers and groundsmen we have made this in to a successful day, a day everyone will remember. Once again a great Thank You to all the volunteers and VV Gemert groundsmen for making it all possible this day.



View the after movie of the day below!



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