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Mount Vernon Nazarene University signs Hidde Drost

Zach Ganzberg, Head Coach of the men’s soccer team of Mount Vernon Nazarene University, may look forward to the arrival of former Cambuur midfielder Hidde Drost. The 17-year-old has signed a deal with Mount Vernon Nazarene University, which means he’s now officially a Cougar!

Even though Mount Vernon’s men’s soccer team hasn’t been around for too long it already has made a strong name for itself amongst the top teams in the Cross Roads League. Over the last few months Zach Ganzberg has searched all over Europe for talent to strengthen his side and to be called a favorite for the tile in the near future. Not too long after visiting he comes across Hidde Drost, who has his league on strings.

Hidde, who was chosen as the ‘Best U17-Midfield Player’ by his club CVV Blauw-Wit’34, starts his career aged four at DOSC. At this club the creative midfield player develops into a great players and gets picked for the KNVB talent team, before making the move to CVV Blauw-Wit’34. Even though his new team played at a much higher level, it didn’t take long for Hidde to become their talisman, catching the eye of professional soccer club Cambuur. The side from Leeuwarden felt Hidde could be the driving force behind their midfield and added him to their U14-side. Despite playing a very strong year, scoring eight goals and setting up a team mate nine times, Hidde decided that he felt better at home at CVV Blauw-Wit’34 and returns.

There, the technical midfielder continues to add to his impressive record, by scoring 26 goals and producing 36 assists in his last three seasons. Not only will he be hugely missed by his club, his attacking teammates won’t be happy neither, since they benefited so much from having Hidde closely beside them.

Besides an incredible tactical awareness, Hidde can also strike a ball very well, as he showed at our showcase inJanuary:

KingsTalent would like to wish Hidde an amazing time in Mount Vernon, Ohio! Good luck!

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