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Meggie van den Oever signs at Spring Hill College

Because of her soccer career she knows The Netherlands and Germany like the back of her pocket. In August 2018 Meggie is about to explore another country: the United States of America. The talented midfielder recently signed her contract with Spring Hill College, where she will be a student-athlete starting Summer 2018. 

The soccer adventure starts for Meggie at age 10 at Vorstenbosche Boys, where she quickly transfers to the boys teams because of her talent and dedication. After she also excels in the boys soccer teams Meggie is selected by the KNVB (Dutch soccer association) for the girls soccer regional talent team.

From across the boarder Meggie draws attention to herself. Borussia Mönchengladbach shows an interest. Here, Meggie plays for eighteen months before the long traveling distance takes its toll. After her time at ‘Die Fohlen’ in Germany she transfers to Dutch soccer club Prinses Irene, where she quickly becomes a full member of the first senior women’s team, despite her young age.

Spring Hill College is delighted with the transfer of Meggie. The SHC women’s soccer team had kind of a disapointing 2017 season. With the addition of the 17-year old midfielder the team will try to turn things around. Besides her role as a player of the SHC women’s soccer team Van den Oever will be continuing her Applied Psychology undergraduate major at this highly accredited university.

KingsTalent wishes Meggie a lot of success and good times in Mobile, Alabama! Do you want to learn more about the possibility of playing sports and studying in the US? Contact us!


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