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KingsTalent launches cooperation Dutch Lions FC.

KingsTalent - Dutch Lions FCKingsTalent is proud to announce their cooperation with Dutch Lions FC! The Dutch Lions are a Dutch oriented soccer club in the US, founded in 2009 in Dayton, Ohio by Mike Mossel and Erik Tammer.

The Dutch Lions play in the American Premier Development League. The Premier Development League is a soccer competition which plays in the time period from May to July. A lot of players from college competitions take part in the PDL league and go back to their collegeteams in August.




KingsTalent sees this cooperation as a unique opportunity for their talents to

  1. Continue playing on a high level during the summer period and stay in shape for the start of the college soccer program in August.
  2. Get used to the US soccer style of play before these student-athletes start playing college soccer.

Since a few years the Dutch Lions have expanded to other cities in the US, next to their first location in Dayton. These days there are Dutch Lions locations in Houston, Cincinnati, New York and Florida.

Dutch Lions FC locaties


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