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Men’s soccer team John Brown University in safe hands of Jens Keemers

Dutch goalkeepers are in demand in the United States. Last week, Jesse Haak transferred to Eckerd College and today we are pleased to announce that next summer Jens Keemers will move to John Brown University, located in Siloam Springs. Jens will combine his spot in the men’s soccer team with a study Leadership, Management and International Business at John Brown University.

Jens, currently playing at Bon Boys, will play in division one next season. The formation of John Brown University had an intense schedule last season, with nineteen games in just eight weeks. Partly by this busy schedule coach Brenton Benware couldn’t prevent his side from losing the odd game. On the other hand they have shown a lot of promise on multiple occasions as well. For instance, the team from Arkansas managed to beat Central Christian Tigers convincingly by 8-0. By signing Jens coach Benware has added a real lock in defence, which showed too many fragilities last season.

Jens, who’s incredible fanatic, started as a goalkeeper while he was seven years old. After the talented goalkeeper impressed in the youngest categories of Bon Boys, the KNVB added him to their talent team. Meanwhile Jens kept impressing at Bon Boys. He was picked as the standout goalkeeper of an international tournament with the U15 side, whilst still being eligible for the U11 side! In the remaining youth categories Jens continued to develop in a great way. Last season, beside promotion with the U19’s, he also played five games for the U23’s and followed up on his debut in the first team with two standout performances.

His trajectory with KingsTalent didn’t take incredibly long because once John Brown University got in touch with Jens, he was sold. Therefore Jens wanted to sign as soon as possible for the Golden Eagles.

KingsTalent would like to wish Jens a lot of fun and good luck at John Brown and is looking forward to all the incredible stories he’ll come back with!

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