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Dion Viola signs at Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnais IL.

Actiefoto 1Dion Viola, talent from the IJsselmeervogels youth academy, will move to the USA this summer to play soccer and study. Viola will be seen playing in the colors of Olivet Nazarene University (ONU), competing in the NAIA Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference. The multifunctional defender of Ijsselmeervogels U-19 can’t wait to make his transfer.


19-year old Viola started playing soccer at the age of 5 in the VV Hoogland U-7 team. He then switched clubs to ASC Nieuwland where he played until the U-11 team. Then Viola transferred to IJsselmeervogels, also playing an impressive try-out at Manchester City in the mean time.



Viola is a tough defender who can play at multiple defensive positions. His favorite position is the right (wing) back position. ONU Head coach David Blahnik praises Viola for his competitiveness, toughness and commitment: “Our season is short but very intense. Last season we conceded too many goals. Next season I want this to improve, playing with a three-man-defence. I also want to play with a technical superior build up of the game from the back. This will be possible with a few Dutch players. Last year we didn’t qualify for the playoffs, so this is our goal for next season. I’m expecting a lot from Dion.”

Viola, who currently lives in Amersfoort, will have to move to the US. In August he will pack his suitcase and move to the ONU campus at Bourbonnais, a 30 minute drive from Chicago. Dion will enroll in the ONU undergraduate Management program.

KingsTalent wishes Dion a lot of succes in The States coming season! Of course we will follow him very closely at will report all of his adventures.

KingsTalent wishes Dion a lot of succes in The States coming season! Of course we will follow him very closely and will report all of his adventures.
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Dion Viola ONU

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