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Good to know & FAQ

You probably have a number of questions right. What can I expect in the United States? How are the facilities, the level or what academic requirements do I need to meet to become a student-athlete? Do not worry, we have got the answers you are looking for. Are you excited yet?

Unique combination

Impossible to combine elite sports with education? No way. Although it is very challenging in the Netherlands, the United States is the place where you can get the best out of both. Because you can.

Welcome in the spotlight

As a student-athlete you represent the school. Your fellow students look up to you and your games are broadcasted on (national) TV. Can you picture it already?

Elite facilities

There are no better facilities than in the United States. You have access to excellent facilities both during games and practice. The professionals around you are second to none as well. From coaches, nutritionists and physiotherapists to sports psychologists and study advisors.

Finding your level

There are thousands of colleges and universities in the United States. This means, whatever your level, the right fit based on your educational background, preferred study and athletic level can always be found. How are we going to find that match? Just let us do our thing. Together with you, we will discuss your possibilities.


College sports is where student-athletes create the foundation for their professional careers. The entire system is designed to produce athletes for the professional leagues. So you do have the level to become a pro? Bring it on!


In the United States, you will be around your teammates 24/7. You end up creating friendships for life, meet soulmates and learn from different cultures. Your personal growth in such a short time is immense, all while building an incredible strong network for a great career.


Companies nowadays are looking for special people. For unique personalities who are difference makers and refuse to take the easy way. With your international experience and resume you will always be one step ahead of your competition.

English language

English is the language of the modern society. And you will be a pro in English after you have been a student-athlete in the United States.


As a student-athlete you will travel across the United States. Not only during the season, but also during winter break, spring break and the summer holiday. So there is plenty of time to discover the promised land.


In order to be able to study at an university or college in the United States, you are required to meet the same minimum standards as higher education (HBO) in the Netherlands. So either a MBO, HAVO or VWO diploma are required.

The education system in the United States is different than the Netherlands. Schools in the United States, besides the minimum requirements, also determine their own academic requirements, which means they differ from school to school. One school has incredibly high requirements while another has slightly lower requirements. Therefor, your grades are essential.

Do you doubt whether your background meets the requirements or would you like to know more about your situation? Then contact us by filling in the following form.

The athletic level in the United States for each sport, sports association, conference and school. The level ranges from the highest level, which is close to professional sports, to amateur level. KingsTalent believes every athlete should be able to play college sports, as long as they meet the minimum academic requirements.

Interested in learning more about your opportunity to play college sports? Fill in this form and we will contact you within three working days after reviewing your information! Together we will discuss your options for an unforgettable adventure.

At KingsTalent, we have years of experience guiding talented student-athletes. Every single athlete who joins KingsTalent enjoys a great commitment from our devoted Sports Consultants who are available day and night! Once you’ve joined KingsTalent and have met the athletic and academic requirements of playing college sports, you have a 90% chance of becoming a student-athlete. A number we couldn’t achieve without the commitment and attention we provide our athletes. Since every single athlete has different wishes and needs and possibilities, we tailor-make every athlete’s trajectory to achieve the desired outcome.

By having a success rate of 90%, it is very likely that we can find a school for you that meets your personal, academic and athletic needs. Do you want to know more about your possibilities playing college sports? Sign up now and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can. After analyzing your details we will together discuss what possibilities you have to play college sports in the US!

Studying in the United States is expensive and generally much more expensive than in the Netherlands. The costs of studying in the US for a year (‘cost of attendance’) range between $25.000 to $70.000 a year. These costs are completely dependent on the school and the education of your choice. The above mentioned figures include all costs, such as tuition, living on campus, food, insurance, books, etc.

With an athletic scholarship and/or an academic scholarship, these figures will go down significantly or in some cases will be paid for completely. All this depends on your academic and athletic background.

Find out whether you are eligible for an athletic or academic scholarship by filling out the following form. After evaluating your details, we will contact you within three working days to discuss together your opportunities for such an unforgettable adventure .

Whether you receive a scholarship is completely up to the coach of the athletic team.

Considering the costs involved, without receiving a scholarship it is nearly impossible to study in the United States. How likely it is for you to qualify for an academic or athletic scholarship depends on a number of factors, such as your grades as well as your athletic ability. The amount you will receive therefor differs for every individual. Up front, we present athletes with a realistic estimation of what scholarship offers they can aspect based on their grades and athletics. In the end, KingsTalent plays the decisive role in obtaining these scholarships.

Age in itself is not a requirement to play sports and study in the United States, however your academic and athletic background are. In fact, these are crucial factors that determine your options in the United States.

Do you want to know if you qualify for the requirements of becoming a student-athlete in the US? Fill out the following form and we will contact you as soon as we can. After analyzing your details we will together discuss your possibilities to play sports and study in the US.

Yes, you can! Although a lot our athletes become freshman in the United States, you can also join a college or university in the United States as a transfer student. A transfer student is a student who has completed one or multiple years of college and wants to continue their education in the United States through a ‘transfer of credit’. The most important part for a transfer student is to transfer the grades and credits to an American institution where the athlete can continue and graduate. At KingsTalent, we have a lot of experience working with transfer students.

Are you a student currently enrolled in college considering to become a student-athlete in the United States? Then fill out our sign-up form and we will contact you to discuss your possibilities!

Yes, you can! You can still join a university or college as a ‘Graduate Student’ where you will be enrolled in a masters program.

KingsTalent has a network of more than a thousand American universities and coaches. Based on your academic and sporting background and skills and of course your personal wishes and requirements, certain schools are a match and certain schools may not. Also, your choice of an American university is probably limited by the number of coaches who show interest in you and offer you a scholarship. Ultimately, you decide for yourself which school you want to go to based on the best match and all available information. Depending on the university you choose, you can choose a study at this school. American universities generally offer many studies and you choose the study that suits you best.

To be accepted into an American school, you will need to take a couple of tests. Which tests you have to take depend on your academic background. If you are moving to the United States as a ‘Freshman’, you will most likely have to take both the SAT as well as the TOEFL. The SAT tests both your English and Math, while the TOEFL tests your knowledge in English, more specifically your reading, speaking, listening and writing.

If you are ‘Transfer Student’ or ‘Graduate Student’, you will probably only have to take the TOEFL, which tests your reading, speaking listening and writing. The TOEFL can be made on set dates and locations in the Netherlands.

A showcase is an event where you can play in front of college coaches from the United States who have flown to the Netherlands just to see our athletes play each other. In other words, the showcase is the perfect opportunity to show your qualities to these coaches. KingsTalent annually organizes a number of showcases for various sports. If you are interested in learning more about these showcase, please visit this page.

Yes, you can. The sports system in the United States is set up completely different than is the case in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, to a certain extent, you are forced to pick between your athletic and academic career, as combining them can become too challenging. The American system allows players to combine study with sports, which provides them with the benefit of playing at the highest level while obtaining a degree that leads to job opportunities.

Professional sports in the United States is organized in such a manner it focuses on signing the best college athletes, also known as the ‘Draft’. During the draft, professional clubs sign the best college athletes.

Therefor, athletes definitely have a chance to sign a professional contract after graduation from their colleges or universities. Some great examples are Marios Lomis and Job Derksen. Marios left VV Noordwijk for Creighton University before siging a professional contract with North Carolina FC. Job Derkson joined Olivet Nazarene University and upon returning home signed a professional contract with FC Twente. Find out more about our greatest kings here

After deciding to become a student-athlete an extensive process follows, which includes many steps, such as taking tests, producing a highlight video, the conversations with the coaches and the participation in the showcase. On the other hand, coaches from universities and colleges in the United States like to recruit early, in order to have a solid team for the next year.

The duration of the process varies for every athlete, for six months for some, to twelve months for others. We recommend signing up in time, because the earlier you will receive the information about your possibilities of becoming a student-athlete in the US, the better your decision you make for your future!

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